Poetical Truth

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Incandescent Goodness
Flash, Flash go the lights,
Strung without care on the walls,
As they shine throughout.

Dirty Relief
The grunt and moan loud,
Before the quick release;
A diaper dirty.

Thankful Consideration
My neck helps to keep
My head from falling off of
My body to death.

To A Murderous Mother (2)

I already have posted this poem once before, but I revised it for my poetry class. Hopefully, it was an improvement.

The choice to give life or take it away;
You all but think that the baby will pay.
This precious child is now going to die,
Because you believed this wretched evil lie.
You’ll never see the portraits in crayon and paint;
You’ll never hear the “I love you”s soft and faint;
You’ll never tuck in the child warm and snug,
Or feel the little arms give great big hugs.
The sounds of laughter shall never be heard at all,
As you chase the child down the hall.
Your house and heart are quiet, empty, and still
For one small boy or girl will never fill.
The baby has a request, so simple and so bleak-
To forgive his mommy and kiss her on the cheek.